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The IROC Showdown Series is a FREE league that will run parallel with the Challenge Series as it is our entry series. All drivers will have the ability to qualify into a Challenge Series race if they enter into that league, but the Showdown Series is for those racers maybe just looking for a fun, free spot to race OR for those drivers that are new to IROC and want to try and earn a locked in spot into the Challenge Series.

The Showdown Series will start about five weeks after the Challenge Series starts. Drivers eligible to run the Showdown Series are any new members to the IROC family OR anyone that is in the Challenge Series, but outside the Top 15 in points while the Showdown Series in running. The TOP 5 in points at the end of the Showdown Series will be invited to a locked in position for the Challenge Series the next season. 

The IROC Showdown Series will host two seasons a year. Each season will run parallel with the IROC Challenge Series. Starting five weeks after the Challenge Series and running a 12 race season. So, if you think you have what it takes to make the field of 40 drivers and you want an opportunity to earn a locked in spot for the Challenge Series then head on over to our league page in iRacing and apply for the league today.

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